5 Players That You Had NO IDEA Made An All-NBA Team

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Welcome back everyone to Sporting Logically, today we are talking about 5 NBA players that you had NO IDEA made an All-NBA team in the careers. I don’t have anything against these guys, and they have each had really good seasons at one point or another in their careers to this point, but I doubt many people see them as one of the top 15 players in the league. Each player on this list only made the All-NBA team in one season in their career - and those will be the seasons I will be highlighting in this video. Lets go ahead and get started.

Number One - David Lee, 2013 All-NBA Third Team

Number Two - Joakim Noah, 2014 All-NBA First Team

Number Three - Andrew Bogut, 2010 All-NBA Third Team

Number Four - Goran Dragic, 2014 All-NBA Third Team

Number Five - Al Jefferson, 2014 All-NBA Third Team

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