THE BOSS BATH! (Gmod Guess Who)

► Here, have some mixed nuts: ◄

*FIXED. Had to ditch some editing debris left there courtesy of a NyQuil induced stupor.

"It's a Sicilian message... it means Oogie Boogie sleeps with the rubber duckies." - The Potatofather 1945

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‘Azalea’ - MDK
MDK YouTube:
MDK SoundCloud:
*used with permission

‘Halloween’ - OctoSound

‘Hungarian Rhapsody’ - Vsound

‘Pop Goes The Weasel Music Box’ - cgrote
License: CC Attribution 3.0

‘Funny Halloween’ - melodylabs

‘Creepy’ - Bensound
License: CC Attribution 3.0

‘Risky Business’ - Fullscore
License: CC Attribution 3.0

‘Diabolic Chase’ - PatrickAThompson

‘Secret Mystic Horror Chase: Cinematic Action’ - stephanlindsjo

‘Kid’s Jaunt’ - VitaliyHava

‘Awkward Misunderstanding’ - Ghetty

‘Grindcore Is Dead’ - Knight of Fire
License: CC Public Domain

'Tuba Waddle' - Jason Shaw
License: CC Attribution 3.0

Additional music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

‘Jab’ - Mike Koenig
License: CC Attribution 3.0

‘wooshs 04 (medium)’ - toyoto
License: CC Attribution 3.0

‘Poof of Smoke’ - Planman
License: CC Attribution 3.0

‘Slap’ - SoundMaster13
License: CC Public Domain

‘Bass Synth Drop’ - BRYANSMOSH
License: CC Attribution 3.0

‘Low Spaceship Rumbling 13841’ - Robinhood76
License: CC Attribution 3.0

‘Scary Ambience 3’ - Landerlot

‘Girl Fart’ - Mike Koenig
License: CC Attribution 3.0

Additional effects courtesy of Epidemic Sound

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